About Ecological Restoration

key benefits of ecological restoration

Restoration ecology is the practice of renewing and restoring areas that have been damaged by human activities and interaction with nature. There are a number of key benefits to restoring habitats to their natural state utilizing plant species native to the affected areas, rather than traditional replanting and revegetating methods which often introduce foreign and non-native species to an area.

The key benefits to ecological restoration

  • native plant species have had time over centuries to acclimate to a region, whereas non-native species have not
  • preservation/restoration of the original habitat and species
  • generally less involvement is required post-planting (fertilization, etc) with native plant use
  • faster habitat recovery
  • beneficial to wildlife, retention of naturally occuring food sources
  • prevents the potential of "habitat loss"
  • helps mitigate climate change and threatened or endangered species

A restored ecosystem is capable of reproducing the inherent species for continued ecological stability and is more resilient and adaptable to the local environment.

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