Our Facilities

Twin Sisters Native Plants Nursery is located at 2118 N, Highway 29 between the Saulteau and West Moberly First Nations (55.834979, -121.769093).



Two Harnois Ovaltech III Greenhouses have been erected onsite:

  • 35' x 200' (10.67 m x 60.96 m)
  • substructure capable of withstanding a live load of 55 lbs per square foot (268.5 kgf/m2)
  • able to withstand wind load of 11 pounds per square inch (0.53 kPa)
  • high side clearances and heavy gauge hoops allow for maximum available interior space
  • gothic shape improves handling operations and offers better climate control to optimize growing conditions


Seeds are currently planted in styroblock trays.

  • 410 holds 80ml (2.705 US oz), 412 holds 95ml (3.212 US oz)
  • each styroblock tray contains 112 cells
  • the nursery has space for 2340 trays, equalling a capacity of 262,080 individual plants at one time

With proper rotation and planting timing, operational capacity can be maximized for an increasingly efficient turnaround. We have already achieved 120% capacity in one greenhouse by seeding and germinating indoors, then moving plants outdoors when possible to make room for more trays.

The styroblock trays are set on rolling metal benches to allow for ease of movement of the crop and allow for air pruning of roots and better regulation of soil temperature.

A hydronic heating system will be connected to the benches, delivering heat directly to the seedlings.

Anticipated Production

  • 2,800 trays (280,000 seedlings) per greenhouse)

Water, Irrigation, Wastewater

A 150 foot (45.72 m) well has been drilled to provide adequate water supply.

An irrigation system delivers water from the well to a 2000 US gallon (7,570 litre) storage tank, which allows for the water to be warmed before reaching the greenhouses. The tank stores an entire day's requirements of water.

Overhead irrigation heads in each greenhouse provide consistent watering while reducing labour costs.

Each greenhouse consists of four separate zones to accommodate varying watering requirements of different species. One zone includes special fogging sprinklers for species requiring constant moisture.

Cold Storage

Currently we are growing seedlings that are started and finished in the same growing season (one year plant stock). Clients have the option of planting in the fall or following spring, with spring being the preferred practice.

For clients opting to plant the spring following growing season, plants must be stored in a temperature and humidty controlled environment to keep dormant seedlings in stasis. Onsite cold storage minimizes transportation costs and ensures optimal control over storage.

Site Access

The site is located immediately off Highway 29, allowing for ease of access for commercial transportation.