Our Services and Products

Twin Sisters Native Plants Nursery specializes in the wholesale production of selected plant species native to the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta as well as the rest of Canada; primarily for use in site reclamation and replanting projects for our clients.

The first step is an initial site survey of the area to be reclaimed, including neighbouring sites undertaken by Twin Sisters Native Plants Nursery staff to determine local plant, shrub and tree species.

Next seeds are collected as near to the area to be reclaimed as possible to maximize the ability to restore the affected area to it's natural state.

The seeds are then stored for the client until required for reclamation, at which time they are germinated and grown in our greenhouse in preparation for planting.

The final stage is planting at the reclamation site.

Why choose native plants?

Native plant species are indigenous to specific regions, and as such, have adapted over centuries to provide a natural habitat for wildlife and create a stable, sustainable ecosystem. Having evolved over time, native plants are better adapted to local geography, hydrology and climatic conditions. This allows them to thrive in an environment which can prove challenging for non-native plant species.

Native plants, when planted correctly in their natural habitat require minimal maintenance and fewer inputs along with reducing the need for or reliance on fertilization. Through the use of plant stock sourced from correct elevations within close proximity to the planting site, we can ensure optimal growth.