Twin Sisters Native Plants Nursery Bog Labrador tea A low flowering shrub with white flowers and evergreen leaves... Product #: TS150037

Bog Labrador tea

Vendor: Twin Sisters Native Plants Nursery
Product Code: TS150037

Rhododendron groenlandicum

Labrador tea is technically a flowering shrub with many erect branches, white flowers and distinctive evergreen leaves. This plant can grow up to 1 metre (3’) tall. Labrador tea prefers moist to wet peaty soils, especially in bogs and wet coniferous forests, also in peaty barrens. Labrador tea is native to boreal North America. It is found in the tundra and in drier, rocky places in the mountains. When fully mature the leaves are very identifiable as the margins are curled under and the underneath of the leaves is rusty brown. It often grows in dense colonies. The plant spreads roots in the organic layer with rhizomes. It reproduces generally by spreading vegetatively, and less commonly, from seed. Individual flowers are about 1 cm across; the calyx is small and 5-toothed; the corolla is composed of 5 white ovate to oblong petals, fused at the base. There are 5 to 7 stamens, and the filaments are longer than the petals. Flowers blooms in June to early July.