Seedling Products

Twin Sisters Native Plants Nursery specializes in the wholesale production of selected plant species native to the province of British Columbia and Alberta for use in reclaiming and replanting. Please browse our online catalog for examples of the various species we collect, germinate, grow and replant for our clients.

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Pearly Everlasting

Pearly everlasting is a perennial native plant (in Canada and the U.S.) that is a member of the Asteraceae family.

Pipeline grass blend

A grass blend of fringed brome, hairy wild rye or blue smooth wild rye, awned wheatgrass, june grass, rough hair grass and tufted hair grass.

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Red raspberry

Red Raspberry is a native perennial shrubby bramble that grows up to 7 feet high that produces a red edible berry

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Red-Osier dogwood

A species of flowering plant native throughout northern and western North America


Wild roses grow in pastures, roadsides, and along the heads of salt marshes, among other areas. This perennial, shrubby plant has stout and branched stems growing up to 2 meters high

Scrub Birch

A medium sized multi-stemmed shrub closely related to the dwarf birch.

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A grass-like flowering plant common to wetlands.

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Sitka alder

A thicket-forming shrub, 10-15 ft. tall, with short, nearly horizontal branches forming a narrow crown

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Sitka burnet

A perennial plant 4-5 ft tall with creamy white flowers.

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A deciduous shrub found in open forests and thickets; grows to 1-4m in height.

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Spruce hybrid

White spruce and its hybrids are found through-out the Interior of British Columbia from valley floor to mid elevations.

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Subalpine fir

A medium-sized tree usually 20 to 35 metres tall; occasionally grows to 50 metres. Subalpine fir has a distinctive long, narrow crown of short stiff branches


A small, slender tree which rarely grows more than 15 meters tall. It has delicate, deciduous foliage.

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Trembling aspen

A slender, graceful tree with distinctive leaves and a smooth, greenish-white bark; growing up to 25m.

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Twin Sisters roadside grass blend

A grass blend of Canada wild rye, slender wheatgrass, American vetch and Rocky Mountain fescue.

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