Seedling Products

Twin Sisters Native Plants Nursery specializes in the wholesale production of selected plant species native to the province of British Columbia and Alberta for use in reclaiming and replanting. Please browse our online catalog for examples of the various species we collect, germinate, grow and replant for our clients.

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Northern bedstraw

Perennial herb with sweet smell and taste.

Oak fern

Small, delicate fronds up to 40cm (16in).

Pacific silver fir

A large evergreen coniferous tree with a dense cone-shaped crown that can reach 50 metres when mature.

Paper birch

A deciduous tree 10-30m in height with thin white bark that often peels.

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Pasture sage

Perennial herb with a woody base, generally forming a clump.

Peace Valley grass blend

A blend of Canada wild rye, slender wheatgrass, junegrass, spike trisetum, indian rice grass and Rocky Mountain fescue.

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Pearly everlasting

A flowering perennial plant in the sunflower family.


Flowering plant, climbing or bushy depending on species.

Pipeline grass blend

A grass blend of fringed brome, hairy wild rye or blue smooth wild rye, awned wheatgrass, june grass, rough hair grass and tufted hair grass.

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Ponderosa pine

Also known as Yellow pini, a large-crowned tree with a straight trunk 25 to 30 metres tall.

Prairie junegrass

A short, tuft-forming perennial bunchgrass reaching heights from 20–70cm.

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Red elderberry

A treelike shrub with soft stems growing 2–6m (6.6–19.7 ft) tall.

Red raspberry

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Red-Osier dogwood

A species of flowering plant native throughout northern and western North America


A perennial shrub often with prickly stems.