Perennial Seedlings

Arctic lupine

The arctic lupine is a bushy herb, with hullow, upright stems covered in long silky white hairs.


Perennial flowering plant with disk-shaped flowers.

Cow parsnip

A tall herb, reaching heights over 2 m (7 ft) tall. with flat-topped or rounded white flowers.

Goat's beard

A 30 to 100cm (12 to 40”) high perennial with cream coloured plumes of white flowers.

Northern bedstraw

Perennial herb with sweet smell and taste.

Pearly Everlasting

Pearly everlasting is a perennial native plant (in Canada and the U.S.) that is a member of the Asteraceae family.

Wild strawberry

Grows in open, well-drained lowland to subalpine zones in fields and meadows.

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Achillea’s are well-noted for producing deeply-dissected, fern-like, aromatic, medium green foliage.