Perennial Seedlings

Arctic lupine

A perennial herb with whorled pea-like flowers.


Perennial flowering plant with disk-shaped flowers.

Chamisso's cotton grass

Narrow leaved cotton grass found in wet habitats and bogs.

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Cow parsnip

A tall herb, reaching heights over 2 m (7 ft) with flat-topped or rounded white flowers.

Early blue violet

A species of violet native to meadows and forests of western North America, Canada, and the northern contiguous United States.

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False solomon's seal

A common widespread perennial plant with alternate oblong lanceolate leaves.

Goat's beard

A perennial with cream coloured plumes of white flowers.


A small, prostrate, woody groundcover shrub 5-30cm high.

Northern bedstraw

Perennial herb with sweet smell and taste.

Oak fern

Small, delicate fronds up to 40cm (16in).

Pasture sage

Perennial herb with a woody base, generally forming a clump.

Pearly everlasting

A flowering perennial plant in the sunflower family.


Flowering plant, climbing or bushy depending on species.

Spiny wood fern

Clustered or single growing deciduous perennial.

Upland larkspur

A perennial herb, dark purple to light blue and occasionally white.