Seedling Products

Twin Sisters Native Plants Nursery specializes in the wholesale production of selected plant species native to the province of British Columbia and Alberta for use in reclaiming and replanting. Please browse our online catalog for examples of the various species we collect, germinate, grow and replant for our clients.

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Cow parsnip

A tall herb, reaching heights over 2 m (7 ft) with flat-topped or rounded white flowers.

Devil's club

Tall deciduous shrub noted for large palmate leaves and woody stems covered in spines.

Douglas maple

A small tree growing to 10 m (33 ft) tall, with a trunk up to 20–30 cm (7.9–11.8 in) diameter with broad, three-lobed leaves.

Dry willow

Dioecious shrubs or trees, 1-11m tall with erect branches.

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Early blue violet

A species of violet native to meadows and forests of western North America, Canada, and the northern contiguous United States.

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False solomon's seal

A common widespread perennial plant with alternate oblong lanceolate leaves.

Glacier alpine bluegrass

Densely to loosely tufted grass from fibrous roots and rhizomes; stems usually decumbent, 7.5-60 cm tall/long. Perennial

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Goat's beard

A perennial with cream coloured plumes of white flowers.

Hair bentgrass

A common species of grass known by the common names hair grass, rough bent, rough bent grass, winter bent grass and ticklegrass.

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High elevation grass blend

A grass blend of Rocky Mountain fescue, slender wheatgrass, blue bunchgrass, American vetch, june grass, Canada wild rye and alpine bluegrass.

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Highbush Cranberry

A small 0.5-3.5m tall, sprawling shrub with reddish berries.

Interior Douglas fir

Large, long-life evergreen tree.

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A small, prostrate, woody groundcover shrub 5-30cm high.

Lodgepole pine

A tall, slender, straight tree which grows throughout most of the Interior of British Columbia.

Mountain avens

Ground-hugging, sun-loving, semi-shrubs.