Shrub Seedlings

Birch-leaved spiraea

Low shrub, 20-60 cm tall, from long creeping rhizome; stems erect, smooth, with thin wiry branches.

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Bog Labrador tea

A low flowering shrub with white flowers and evergreen leaves.

Mountain avens

Ground-hugging, sun-loving, semi-shrubs.

Red raspberry

Red Raspberry is a native perennial shrubby bramble that grows up to 7 feet high that produces a red edible berry

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Red-Osier dogwood

A species of flowering plant native throughout northern and western North America


Wild roses grow in pastures, roadsides, and along the heads of salt marshes, among other areas. This perennial, shrubby plant has stout and branched stems growing up to 2 meters high

Sitka alder

A thicket-forming shrub, 10-15 ft. tall, with short, nearly horizontal branches forming a narrow crown

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A deciduous shrub found in open forests and thickets; grows to 1-4m in height.

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Utah honeysuckle

A species of the flowering honeysuckle plant with slender, spreading branches.

Western mountain ash

3-15 feet (1-5m) tall deciduous shrub that has beautiful fall colours.

Wolf willow

Silvery leafed shrub with yellow flowers that provides nitrogen for other plants

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