Tree Seedlings

Balsam poplar

A hardy, fast-growing softwood tree.

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Interior Douglas fir

Large, long-life evergreen tree.

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Lodgepole pine

A tall, slender, straight tree which grows throughout most of the Interior of British Columbia.

Pacific silver fir

A large evergreen coniferous tree with a dense cone-shaped crown that can reach 50 metres when mature.

Paper birch

A deciduous tree 10-30m in height with thin white bark that often peels.

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Ponderosa pine

Also known as Yellow pini, a large-crowned tree with a straight trunk 25 to 30 metres tall.

Scrub Birch

A medium sized multi-stemmed shrub closely related to the dwarf birch.

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Spruce hybrid

White spruce and its hybrids are found through-out the Interior of British Columbia from valley floor to mid elevations.

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Subalpine fir

A medium-sized tree usually 20 to 35 metres tall; occasionally grows to 50 metres. Subalpine fir has a distinctive long, narrow crown of short stiff branches


A small to medium sized tree with delicate foliage.

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Trembling aspen

A slender, graceful tree with distinctive leaves and a smooth, greenish-white bark; growing up to 25m.

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Weeping birch

A fast growing deciduous tree with weeping branches and peeling bark.

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Western hemlock

A large tree, it usually grows 30 to 50 metres tall with a narrow crown and drooping new growth at the top of the tree.

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Western redcedar

A large tree reaching 60 metres tall when mature features drooping branches often spreading widely at the base.